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The right wine range can uncork big sales, helping you turn 'by the glass' into 'buy the bottle'. But creating your ideal range is quite a skill. That's why we've created the BOTTLE TO BAR online tool to do the work for you. This ranging tool is unique in that it combines smart data analysis and flair for wine trends with insights regarding your type of pub: from your location to your target consumer.

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The perfect blend of insight, science, and personality

  • Insight

    We use our experience and knowledge of consumer trends and "the next big thing" to help you offer winesthat delight your customers.


    We crunch the numbers on which wines different kindsof customers prefer, broken down by grape variety and country of origin.


    No two pubs are the same, so we believe it’s important for you to feed in information about your customer base in order to arrive at the range that’s right for you.

Menu must haves

Every pub, bar and restaurant has its own unique character; therefore it’s important that every wine list has its own personality. However – there are some key On-Trade trends that you should be aware of. Read on to discover our “Menu Must Haves”: the styles that have captured the imagination of wine consumers in 2019...

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    Sparkling wine is up 30% in value terms*. Cava, Crémant, and Sparkling Rosés have all had a part to play, but the sparkler driving the movement has been Prosecco. The Aperitivo of choice in Venice, it’s delicious drunk on its own, or as part of a Bellini or Spritz. Whether you choose to stock in 20cl or 75cl formats, or both, Prosecco has established itself has a long term “Menu Must Have”. *CGA 2019



    Wine consumers now shop the rosé category like a pantone chart: and although sweeter, more vibrant styles of rosé such as White Zinfandel are still hugely popular, customers are increasingly interested in a paler, “blush” style. Even if you don’t opt for the crème de la crème of this style (which originates from Provence), there are lots more options which are blush (such as Pinot Grigio Rosé) or Provençal in style, such as our top pick: the Prophecy Rosé, which comes from vineyards in South West France.

    Sea Change Sauvignon

    “Social Conscience” WINES

    As consumers are generally becoming more mindful and dietary and lifestyle choices such as veganism and organic are on the rise, so are products with a “Social Conscience”. An example is a wine that has been blended exclusively for us in collaboration with “Sea Change”, the brand which won “Green Launch of The Year” at this years “Drinks Business” Awards. 20p from every bottle of Sea Change wine goes to Plastic Oceans UK and Sea-Changers, two charities who are leading the charge against plastic.



    Despite Merlot still being the biggest red wine varietal in the On-Trade, there is increasing noise around other varietals such as Pinot Noir and Malbec. If you offer a steak on your range, a tried and tested successful trade-driver is “2 Steaks and a Malbec for X”.

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